After a chaotic pre-match routine which involved moving dugouts, changing colours and lending sticks, Kendal were ready to face a colourful Didsbury team. Didsbury started with the possession and it took a few moments for Kendal to get fully organised, during which Didsbury opened the scoring to take an early lead. It was Ailsa Wright who instigated a successful phase of attacking play from Kendal’s own half in an attempt to turn the tables. After turning over possession near the halfway line, she strode through the Didsbury squad keeping close control of the ball, effectively penetrated their D and struck the ball quickly and cleanly into the back of the net, she subsequently made light work of her efforts with minimal celebration. This lifted the Kendal squad who managed to defend tightly in key areas of the pitch, frequently turning over possession and preventing Didsbury from increasing their lead for the second part of the first half. Even when Didsbury were awarded a penalty flick for a Kendal foot on the line, Laurel Halliwell’s reactions of a cat ensured Didsbury could not take advantage of the error.
With a small squad, one could have been forgiven for thinking that Didsbury were picking the Kendal Ladies off one by one. It was Leah Mitchell who took the first hit, which broke skin and caused her to have to leave the pitch for some first aid, wasting no time she returned, only for Karen Tyson to be involved in a physical battle resulting in some shoulder discomfort (although I am sure the Didsbury player came off worse, of course). Amidst this, Kendal worked tirelessly, none more so than Abbie Barnes (Player of the Match) in midfield and Vicky Atkinson and Leah Mitchell in defence, but much like recent games, were unable to convert any of their attacking phases. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Disdbury, who through a mixture of field goals and penalty corners were able to build a significant tally of goals and further injuries to Kendal’s only goal-scorer, Ailsa Wright (just in case I didn’t mention it last time). A disappointing an undeserved result of Didsbury 10 Kendal 1, but Kendal look forward to taking the better aspects of their game into their next two fixtures both against Wakefield second team at home this Saturday and away the following weekend.

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