When the ladies 1s played their rearranged game against Durham University spirits were high. The Kendal team found themselves with a squad of 12 players when tradition has previously left them with 10 to face Durham’s full squad of 16. 

Kendal made a really positive start against the Durham side who had chosen to sit back in the 3/4 press and give them time to make some good passes and keep possession. The first goal was Kendal’s which was a good surprise. After some lovely build up play down the left hand side the ball was passed into the middle of the D where Katie Ireland was standing ready. She took it to her right and slotted it over the keeper into the back of the net. Nothing else exciting happened in the first half, but kendal had most of the pressure. 

The second half saw Kendal struggling to keep up their sharp, clean play as the Durham side changed their formation and game plan. With a little less time on the ball mistakes started to appear. Kendal held out until 55 minutes when Durham had a short corner. Annoyingly they didn’t do anything special with it but the strike from the top of the D was missed by Mel Whalley-Jones who was first runner and then subsequently missed by goalkeeper Laurel Halliwell outside her right foot. From the re-start the Kendal team were determined to keep at least one point from the game so their tempo stepped up again. Umpire Dave Haynes, who is particularly hot on spotting a back stick had an easy job to recognise Ailsa Wright’s dynamic fly in with back stick and stick tackle in one, so the green card was pulled out. As soon as the card was placed back in his pocket and play continued, Mel decided she wanted a mini break too. With Durham on the attack, their ball carrier changed direction giving Mel the perfect opportunity to put in her own back stick and stick tackle. Yellow card! The Kendal Men’s team members helping to do the TD table did a stunning job to keep tabs on the suspension time for both ladies. The 9 players who remained on the pitch worked tiresomely to keep the ball out as Durham applied great pressure. The final whistle blew to confirm the 1-1 draw, a reasonable way to end the game at this point in the season. 

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