Did someone say road trip? It was time to divide ourselves between cars and trundle down the motorway to the affluent village in Cheshire.

Our opposition, Alderley Edge (AE) had first push back. They struggled to break through our press as we held our formation, much to the frustration of the AE defenders. There were times when they managed to break through the press, but our strong defense prevented them from getting on the scorecard.

We continued to pay our game, slowly building the attack. Which cumulated in a great team goal starting from Rebecca Delbridge throwing the ball down the sideline to Alex Richardson. Who ran the ball along the baseline into the D before passing it to Emma “Peggy” Hill, who sent it to the left post for Lauren Coward to slot into the goal. Our victory was unfortunately short lived as AE managed to secure a penalty corner and drove it into our backboard.

During half time we were in good spirits, our game plan was working and we were playing as a team! Goals for the second half consisted maintaining the strength of our press and quick transfers.

We stuck to our goals and continued to put pressure on the AE defense, resulting in some great goal opportunities and a couple of near misses. Towards the end of the second half we began to tire, which unfortunately resulted in AE securing a short corner and slipping it past our defense to make the score 2-1. We continued to fight hard and aggressively pressed into their defensive D, but time got away from us and we were unable to equalise in the last few minutes.

The full-time whistle blew revealing the final score of Kendal-1, Alderley Edge-2. Player of the match was awarded to Vicky Whalley-Jones (she’s on a roll) and three way tie for second place! With Melanie Whalley-Jones, Lauren Coward and Laural Halliwell all sharing the glory. Special mention to both Rebecca Delbridge and Leah Mitchell for getting green cards each.

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