Kendal ladies firsts were back at home last weekend and were keen to continue their winning streak on the QKS fortress. They faced Ben Rhydding seconds in the return fixture, following a 2-2 draw away at the start of the season.

Once both teams had settled The Greens got the ball moving with some quick passing and were awarded a penalty corner in the 9th minute, which skipper Whalley-Jones gracefully placed past the keeper into the back of the net and Kendal took an early lead. It was seemingly going to be another close game, yet despite their best efforts the home team could not increase their tally, even when a Ben Rhydding player was forced to leave the pitch for two minutes for accidentally using the back of her stick in the middle of the pitch, apologies were not accepted. Ben Rhydding managed to penetrate Kendal D a few times during the first half, both in open play and through numerous penalty corners in close succession, which resulted in many shots. Some went wide, a few made contact with the goal’s metal work and some were denied by superb saves from Ruth Sealey in goal and her defensive team. Unfortunately for Kendal, loss of possession in the middle of the pitch during the last few minutes of the first half left Sealey in a one on one with the Ben Rhydding striker who, with composure, lobbed the ball over the keeper’s head into the goal.

A disappointed home team were keen to squeeze more points from the game in the second half and re-started with determination to battle till the end and that they had to. The visitors went ahead in the 47th minute from a penalty corner, during which the ball was deflected in from the injectors side. Ben Rhydding continued to apply pressure and Kendal, on the back foot and chasing the game (which they haven’t had to do in a while), were frustrated and struggled to play as effectively as they had for much of the first half. The Mighty Greens battled on together and despite having a goal disallowed for being too high from a penalty corner, their efforts were eventually rewarded. Kendal striker and player of the match Celia Powell put her body on the line to push the ball into the goal in a packed D, and so Kendal had equalised in the 65th minute. This left too little time for either team to take anymore points from the game, finishing as it did at Ben Rhydding, another 2-2 draw.

Kendal ladies firsts play their final fixture of 2018 away to Chester this Saturday.

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