Kendal 1st team and Didsbury 1st team met at Kendal astro for an 1:30 push back, it was a cold day with a slow start for Kendal culminating in an exciting fiery finish.
Didsbury scored 2 goals in the first 7 minutes. After this wakeup call Kendal fought harder than ever to push the ball up the pitch and the defence worked extra hard to defend short corners and to get the ball out of the D. This left the score at the end of half time 2-0.
Kendal came back fighting in the second half working hard to get past Didsbury’s defenders and smashed a ball into the top of the net but unfortunately it was disallowed. This however did not lower Kendal’s expectations and Lauren coward scored a great goal making it 1-2. Didsbury started pushing just as hard as Kendal after this and managed to get a breakaway into the D and got a goal from a rebound off the keeper. After this goal Kendal kept their heads high and mostly had it in Didsbury’s half of the pitch but could not score past their defence despite battling hard in the D.
Final score Kendal Ladies 1s 1 – 3 Didsbury Northern Ladies 1s.

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