Grey clouds and stormy weather accompanied the team on the road trip down to Neston last Saturday. Keen to learn from and put last week’s performance far, far, far behind us we chatted about what areas of our game we needed to improve on. Before braving the weather for warm up, we discussed the future career of one of our players, with varying levels of success.

First push back went to Neston, and the game was on. Our game play was much smoother than last weeks and we pushed hard into Neston’s D early in the game. Though, the tide turned as a quick breakaway play in the 11th minute saw Neston first on the scorecard. Throughout the rest of the half we played so much better than last week. Making positive connections to our players and moving the ball effectively between the lines. Unfortunately another breakaway in the 24th minute resulted in a second Neston goal.

At the halftime chat we agreed to focus on our basics, make the ball do the work for us and increase our communication. During the second half we upped the pressure against Neston’s defence and had a couple of amazing opportunities in the attacking D. Regrettably the lack of substitutions were getting to us. As players began to tire Neston managed to work another two goals past our team before the end of the game.

The final score of the game was Neston 4 – Kendal 0.
Player of the match was awarded to Vicky Whalley-Jones, with Ailsa Wright and Abbie Barnes ranked second and third, respectively. Special mention goes out to Ailsa Wright for getting sent off with a green card..


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