KENDAL Ladies firsts hockey team were close to being victorious against top of the league Newcastle University until one goal from the opposition in the last play of the match changed everything.

Playing at their fortress, Queen Katherine School, Kendal Ladies came on to the pitch with their strongest team yet.

This week there was just a couple of changes to the team, Rebecca Delbridge was pushed up back to midfield rather than in defence and Karen Tyson’s stayed up front where her fury was greatly needed.

Both teams started off strongly, with quick and simple play between the players. Territory was spread evenly as both sides were committing the same simple mistakes.

The first half of the match was ‘pretty uneventful’ with Newcastle having a couple of strikes at Kendal’s goalkeeper Sarah Dodd- they had to do a bit better than just a couple of swings at goal if the ball was going to get past her lightening reactions.

After 35 minutes the first half of the match finished with no teams having yet successfully scored. With the pressure rising the Kendal Ladies could not afford to drift off now.

Having lost to Newcastle at the start of the season 15-1 away the Kendal Green ladies were ready to retain possession and attack at every opportunity.

Pushing strongly up front with a solid defence the midfielders were able to play tightly together moving the ball gradually up field.

Then the ball was passed from the 25 to the young forward Zoe Dempsey who whipped around a couple of the oppositions defence players in the D and attempted to score. But bouncing off the goalies pads Tyson’s quick reaction played to her strength as she snatched the ball back and from the penalty spot she ‘smashed’ the ball into the back of the goal’s backboard. 46 minutes gone and there was still 24 minutes of the game left.

With no time for simple mistakes Kendal Ladies had to keep their head up. But within a couple of minutes a Green card was given to Katie Ireland for ‘persistently’ not being five from the opposition. But a worse foul was done by the Newcastle Captain as she sent Roberta Anderton flying, causing her to also to be sent off for two minutes.

With just ten minutes left of the match Kendal simply had to retain possession, but Newcastle were not ready to give up easily. Soon enough, the opposition regained territory and were fighting for a goal.

Three short corner penalties were given away in a row but to no avail, Newcastle were unable to get through Kendal’s line of defence. After having one goal disallowed, the opposition were gasping for a goal. And sure enough in the last minute of the match, from the last short corner penalty that was given Newcastle’s Hannah Cashell managed to get the ball past Dodd.

Kendal Ladies were so close to ending their game on a high but it was not meant to be. However since their first game against Newcastle it is clear that Kendal Ladies have learned from their mistakes and have managed to come out stronger.

Final score: 1-1


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