This Saturday Kendal Ladies 1s travelled away to Durham with eleven dedicated players. It was Durham who took an early lead with a clean strike at a penalty corner. Kendal worked as an effective unit ensuring that their defensive set-up plugged any further attacks from the home team. Excellent reading of the game from the experienced defence of Mel Whalley-Jones, Ailsa Wright, Vicky Atkinson and Karen Tyson allowed Kendal to regain possession and switch play as they endeavoured to attack. Constant physical pressure from Durham forced errors from Kendal and phases of attack were fruitless. Durham managed to scrape a second goal before the whistle blew for half-time.

An analytical team talk at half-time ensured Kendal came out fully prepared for further battle. Durham continued to distribute the ball but the visitors repeatedly turned over possession, particularly on the right side of the pitch thanks to the relentless determination of Vicky Atkinson, Abbie Barnes and Vicky Whalley-Jones. Lauren Coward, Emma Peggy Hill and Alex Richardson forced errors from Durham’s defence to create some attacking leads, one of which resulted in a Kendal penalty corner. Alex Richardson injected to Vicky Whalley-Jones who dragged the ball high (for the only time in the game) past the keeper’s shoulder, finally the teams efforts had gained some recognition. Just when it looked liked Kendal could get a point from the fixture, Durham cemented their victory. Despite further efforts from the away team the game finished 3-1 to Durham.

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