The 14th of April was the final run out for the ladies of Kendal hockey club. This was Kendal’s final chance to gain some points despite inevitable relegation.

Both teams met at QES on a surprisingly warm morning and quickly got onto the pitch for a thorough warm up.

Warm up done, game heads on. However, the scoring was opened in only the 2nd minute of play with a strike from Wakefield’s number 21, breaking through Kendal’s defensive line. 4 minutes later, the ball found its self on the other side of the Kendal goal line after a deflection in front of goal from a PC. Kendal fought hard for the rest of the half, gaining possession and ground but they were unable to even up the score line. This was especially unlucky after having a penalty stroke save by the Wakefield goalie.

Kendal were going into the next 35 minutes being 2-0 down. The second half saw a much more even game, if not more swayed towards the Kendal team. Strong drives and tackles were made by Katie Ireland, Mel Whaley-jones and Abbie Barnes. This paid dividends when Lauren Coward neatly scored a reverse stick shot, putting the pressure on the Wakefield team. The equaliser came in the 49th minute, from a well rehearsed PC. M.Whaley-Jones slipped the ball left to give Ireland the chance to equalise, and she didn’t disappoint! The pressure was well and truly on. Kendal kept their heads on and their sticks ready as they pushed and pushed for the winning goal. Ample opportunities were made which kept their keeper busy. This finally paid off when Mel smashed the backboard in the 57th minute. Through their grit and determination, the Kendal side held their own to make it a 3-2 win!

A great final game which showed the true nature of Kendal hockey club- not giving up until the final whistle blows.

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