Maddie George 5 (2 first half and 3 in the second half)
Sarah Brooks 2 (both in the first half)
Scarlett Dale (second half)

A great start to the season with Kendal achieving their second win so far. Kendal played strong throughout the match with the defence making some good clears to keep the ball out of their half. The team played well together with some good passes from Becca Camp and Abbie Taylor to the front line. Maddie George and Sarah Brooks scored 4 between them to take Kendal 4 points ahead into the second half.

The second half started as well as the first with good play from Scarlett Dale and Alice Clews-Smith leading to a goal from Dale. George stormed the second half scoring 3 all of which from great strikes. Unfortunately Keswick sneaked a goal after passing there way around the back. Nevertheless Holly Price played excellently saving the other shots made by Keswick, keeping the oppositions score low.

Final score 9-1

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