The 2s welcomed Penrith to QKS for the final home game of the season. Following the previous weeks game where Kendal played with 9, there were 14 players available this week. There were debuts as well for Fi Morphet and Michelle Clough to help boost numbers.

Kendal made the most of the start having a number of runs at the Penrith defence and plenty of shots towards the goal but to no avail and managed to handle the wet playing conditions. Having subs allowed for constant rotation and in the wet conditions for players to try and dry off. Towards the end of the first half Penrith had a number of short corners and was able to convert one of them to go into half time with a goal advantage.

The second half started with Kendal having much of the possession again and the forwards being able to make runs into the Penrith D. When Penrith did trouble to Kendal defence keeper Rebecca Tarney ensured they were unable to score making some outstanding saves. Kendal had chances towards the end of the game to try and pull a goal back and were unlucky to not come away with at least a point.

Another positive step forward for the 2s who have come so far and made vast improvements this season.

Three away games to finish the season starting with Wigton away next week.

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