Kendal took on local rivals Lancaster and Morecambe at there new home at QKS.

Kendal powered in the first 10 minutes and dominated a shocked Lancaster many shots were had form Sam Weeks and Mike Hinchcliffe but to no avail as none passed the goal line. Lancaster came back strong and a lucky shot threw kendal keeper James Taylor and wrong footed him to put the visitor one up. Lancaster kept the pressure on and snuck another 2 in the bottom corners soon after finishing the first half 0-3 Lancaster.

The second half saw Kendal pushed back and under pressure. Despite some cracking defending and goal-tending Lancaster bagged themselves a penalty corner. Kendal tried to keep it out, but defending five shots in a row was too much and the last was shelled into the bottom right corner making it nil, four. Kendal tried to regain a foothold in the game, but a few missed goals, one of which being a rushed open goal effort that somehow missed it’s target left gaps for Lancaster to grab there last goal leaving the final Score 0-5.

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