Kendal had a flying start, pushing deep into Preston’s half and putting the press on early. The Greens passed the ball around looking for an opening through Preston’s experienced back line. They were rewarded with their first goal, scored from the top of the D by man of the match Matt Clinton. Spirited on by this early lead Kendal kept their attack going and refused to give Preston time to play in their half of the pitch. Soon after came Clinton’s second goal from a short corner. Kendal kept up their attack and great work in midfield kept Preston busy. Eventually, Kendal’s hard work payed off with a goal from Jacob Ross. Kendal’s great work continued and before the first half was over birthday boy Mason Croskell bagged himself the best present of the day bringing Kendal to four nil up at half time.

Preston came back hard in the second half as Kendal knew they would. Pushing high in to Kendal ranks, the away side tried to swamp the Kendal defenders, but with some brilliant defending form, The Green’s back 4 kept them at bay for some time until a well-aimed shot from a Preston striker ended Kendal’s chance of a clean sheet. Kendal turned it up again to counter Preston’s advance and a break from the pack left Matt Clinton in a one-on-one with Preston’s keeper. Unfazed by the pressure, Clinton finished with aplomb and bagged his hat-trick. Preston hit back hard and got themselves a few short corners but to no avail. Kendal’s attack continued, and they grabbed themselves a short corner. Jacob Ross took the shot, but it rebounded off a Preston defenders shin pad to Kendal’s waiting captain James Taylor who slipped it bottom left to bring Kendal’s total to six. Kendal pushed on and kept battling a determined Preston who were unwilling to let another one in. Time and time again Kendal were denied, until Jacob Ross battled through 3 players and fired a straight shot from the top of the D to bag his second and last of the game.

Final score- Kendal Men’s 2s 7 – 1 Preston 6s.

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