Fourth match of the season and we were ready to bounce back from last week’s loss. Our start time was slightly delayed as the wet weather had us retreating up the M6 to our back-up pitch at Penrith.

From the first whistle we were under pressure, with Doncaster getting two goals within the first five minutes of play. Our defence kicked into gear and we fought back hard, moving the ball between the defence and midfield lines. But we were unable to efficiently connect to our strikers and capitalise on opportunities. Before the half-time whistle Doncaster managed to slip in another goal, giving a half-time score of 3-0.

During our chat we attempted to articulate what was missing from our game, with variable success. During the second-half we consolidated our defence and pushed back hard against Doncaster. Everyone of us gave everything we had and worked hard for one another, but in the end Doncaster was fitter, better drilled and fully exploited their opportunities. The final whistle blew revealing the score of Doncaster 5 – Kendal 0.

Player of the match was awarded to Melanie Whalley-Jones, with young Jess Fox and Ailsa Wright ranked second and third, respectively. Special mention goes out to Rebecca Delbridge for poor banter, falling over and ruining a perfectly good plan.

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