On Saturday Kendal Ladies first team travelled to Leeds to face their league topping first team on a moist and very bouncy pitch. To be honest the game was all a bit of a blur, a complete white out for me in fact. Ailsa arrived in her sliders, we could only wish that Libby did too. Without Mel keeping things to a strict schedule, Vicky Whalley-Jones was obviously late, it was Ned’s fault today of course.

Once the game got underway, Kendal could only hold on for four minutes before Leeds opened the scoring. It was highly likely that Ailsa Wright got carded, twice in close succession, for telling the opposition what she thought of them and then the umpire too. Fortunately, Mel Whalley-Jones and Rebecca Delbridge weren’t playing or else there would have been few more cards shown and much football played. Leeds had many attacks, and despite Wright’s best efforts, matching the attackers for pace, an unlikely trip meant she had a very close encounter with the wet pitch and although Leeds did not score from this attack they did put another four goals into the net before half-time.

Whilst Kendal may have spent half-time dreaming about the powder on the slopes and après, the home team were raring to go and wasted no time, increasing their lead with a sixth goal in the first minute of the second half and making the best of two penalty corners shortly after. Unfortunately for Kendal, the second half was much like the first and although Kendal worked hard on their passing game to build an attack they were unable to penetrate the Leeds defence. If only Kendal were able to score goals like they’ve been awarded cards this season, there would be potential for a double figure thriller for both sides. Not today, Leeds 13 Kendal 0.

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